So this is a crusher

Ok.  We got to Nanaimo Bay about 7:30 am.  Drove all morning.  And still didn't hit Port Hardy until mid afternoon.  Imagine my surprise when we hit the target site.  This is what we found.  I'm thinking... Nice pile of rust.  However after going over the 'wreckage' with them I quickly realized that the knew exactly what they were doing   The core elements of the machine were in rehabilitory condition and the rest was either scrap or reconditionable.

They were quick to decide which was which.

Doesn't look like much Lot of rust here What's this for Is that safe to climb This does what

And after about two days of planning and cutting.

Can't take it like it is Can't take it all Lot of scrap here Finally a usuable peice Loading up This peice is going to be a problem

We were finally ready for the trip home.  But wait.  There is so much left.  Uh oh!  we're not done yet!



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