This Shed Used To Leak From ALL It's Surfaces.

I can't begin to tell you how dysfunctional this shed was when we arrived. There was a rotting cabinet being used for a table/bench and the only thing useful in the shed was a battery operated electric fencer unit which had to be covered from the rain because all four walls as well as the roof were not water tight (leaking big time).It was totally useless. And... Since it was useless the tack was (as you remember) stored in the little house (picker shack) mostly in the kitchen.

Now... As you can see... It is water tight. Has a benchotp with shelf. An additional shelf and some storage cabinets (old ammo boxes).

Tool storage

Improved shelving

Front wall mostly tool storage.

Garden tools

Feed bins

East wall feed bins and garden/fence maintenance tools.

General tack

Bridles and reins

South wall (doorway) mostly bridals and halters and bits.



West wall, saddles bridles and girths.

One thing about the girlies... Even though everything has it's place... The floor is always crowded and the benchtop is always cluttered.


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