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Tippy in the garage

Tippy in the garage (I'll be finishing this later)

I worked all morning until my friend Matt called. I asked him if he could store my Dodge Power Wagon truck which to this point is still sitting in the driveway of my old house. I made a deal with the new owners to allow me to leave it behind for a short while and my time is running out. Matt did a little legwork for me and found a hauling company which would pick up the truck, then pick up Matt and take the truck to a place that Matt has to store stuff. Thanks Matt. Anyway he asked for a notarized document of ownership/intent and of course the key. I found the key however the Notary I use said he was going out of town, for a week, and was taking no more appointments for the day. That wasn't good enough for me so I raced over to his office and squatted there until he was done with his last appointment. He does not accept walk-in business. I explained my situation, he understood, an he notarized my document.

It's the mid afternoon now and I was hoping to get to the border to send off the key/document package U.P.S. from the U.S. I needed it to get there as soon as possible and U.P.S. or Registered U.S. mail was the only chance for that. We got to the nearest U.S. post office just a little late for U.P.S. and/or Registered mail. In the end (cost and timing considerations) we sent it U.S. Registered mail.

Friday... Worked all day. Previously in the week I received paperwork for the tippy-tonka and it's import process. In order for me to register it I needed to get it inspected so I took it to an inspection center. It was still not ready but I needed it to pull logs on the weekend so I went to get it back (for the weekend). After work I went to the inspection place which said the inspection was complete, and they had all the paperwork, but it still needed a module (daytime running lights) which he had on order. Since the paperwork was complete I decided that I would go and register it. I went over to the registrar (at the local insurance company) and started the process. At the very end, when the registrar asked for it, I realized that we bought the tippy-tonka only a few days before we left town and didn't have the title for it. Darn... Missed it by that much. I went home a little disappointed and had Shauna call the place we bought it from and explain the situation. They were wondering what going on when we never asked for the title which they still had and were glad to fill it out and send it to us.

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