Wow... Here We Are.

Irene's famile home

Sunday evening. We made it to Irene's family house on the very edge of the town. Although it was still light out we had not eaten since the morning in Biggs Junction Oregon and we still had the Monsters friend Stephanie to take home. A quick stop at Dairy Queen for a bite from the drive-thru, drop off the borrowed kid, and we're basically ready for bed.

Monday we began unloading the Penske. Although it is not excessively hot here it is hot here in the summer it can reach 95+ F (we're used to 102+ F) so we were tiring quickly (we are a little older now). Last time we were up here, in May, we met a lovely couple Myles and Cheryl. They have two fantastic daughters Nicole and Stephanie. Stephanie also has a great boyfriend Todd. They all came by to help us unload. Thanks so much for that you guys. We, actually they, managed to get the moving van unloaded, completely, that day, into Irene's gigantic shop (bigger than the house we sold). We also managed to take some stuff to the little house on the prairie (384 sq. ft. house on the farm).

The truck convoy

Tuesday was another long day of driving. We took the unloaded Penske van, and the beetle, to Spokane (Washington) to drop it off. This is the last driving I'm going to do for a very, very, very long time. Around here it's only 1-minute here 2-minutes there and that covers the whole town (village).

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