Not The Luxury We're Used To... But It'll Do.

As you can see... We have moved in nicely to the 'little house on the prairie' (that's what we call it anyway). Shauna and I have turned it from a tack/storage shed into a (small) home. It's actually a fairly cozy place. And being a country village... Everyone that's anyone in the valley stops by regularly for a visit. Something we had to get used to being isolated city folk. But their all friends and family and that is what we had been missing in our lives.

So... I present the living-room

Living room or Not much room

The bedroom. As you can clearly see. The cats are doing fine.

Bedroom bed Bedroom and cats

There is a closet (small) in the bedroom.

Bedroom closet

The bathroom which we have fixed and cleaned.

Bathroom sink cleaned Bathroom Shower repaired Bathroom toilet cleaned

The kitchen.

Functioning kitchen

And some general views from around the farm.

Our stallion Shauna in the pasture Baby Bun, Myles and Irene with a gun Cheryl's horses here for breeding Trailer in the pasture Backyard panarama Horses at the horse farm Irene's panarama

Shauna and I saved this tree The pastures are horribly weedy

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