Dirty dead server

Wow... I had no idea I was so far behind on my maintenance. Plus the fact that the new location for our servers is a 384 square-foot shack, on a farm, which we smoke in. A slightly different environment then the servers are used to. Or us for that matter.

Dusty server Air starved server

Ok... There are currently two servers. A Domain controller and a Network server. The Network server is our gateway to the public Internet. It serves Web, Mail, FTP, DHCP, DNS etc and provides Firewall services between the public and private networks. The Domain Controller is required by the MS Network server. These are both SCSI servers which run fast and 'hot'. Additionally... We are located in a very Rural area. How Rural... The nearest McDonald's is a sixty mile drive. And... The power here is not so consistent causing me to replace the computer Power Supplies frequently. The only reason I'm lucky enough to have broadband is that I'm adjacent to a Highway with cable following it.

Failed fans

Well... The servers both suffered from ventilation issues. Everywhere air was moving vents were clogged which led to multiple fan failure as well as one power supply. Luckily there is a local computer service (and parts) center in town and the power supply and fans were easily had.

After a little bit of cleaning we are serving mail once again. And that's important to me. I've been serving my own mail now for almost ten years.


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