We're Not Use To Being Trusted Here.

A lovely house in the best place in town

Unfortunately... Nobody is really trusted, or welcome here... Not friend, nor foe, not even family it appears. Why? The truth is that this is a 'compound'. In the true sense of the word. What!

Yeah... It's Beryl's compound. What does that mean? Well...

When we arrived home we thought it a good gesture to stay here. Normally, we would stay with my parents. They have much more room and don't consider it an 'inconvenience'. They are actually happy to see us and spend time with us. Here we just seem to be in the way. We are constantly being watched and every time we go out our possessions are ransacked (sloppily searched) and we are lied to about it when we return. We've got nothing to hide. Go ahead and look through our stuff. We really don't care. Except for the disrespect.

The mirror watches the kitchen The mirror watches the hallway

There is also the matter of the mirror. It has been placed in a very strategic location with the focal point being Beryl's perch. The only spot she sits in. From that point she can monitor the front of the house, the driveway, and keep an eye on the entire inside. The only spot that is uncovered is the back door. If you have reached the back door then you have been undoubtedly seen coming up the driveway. Either way there is nowhere to go except for out the back door without coming back within her view. She seems to be a little paranoid. Anyway... From this stoop; She rules this empire.

From the bedroom the mirror still does it's evil job

The mirror also provides the opposing views of the compound. From the master bedroom door (hallway) you get almost the same view of the kitchen area as well as the view of the living room and dining room. So no matter where Beryl is She can spy on the whole house. Except for the other bedroom Which She has locked down with iron bars. Doesn't matter because we weren't allowed to stay in the 'extra' bedroom. The bedroom that Shauna grew up in. 'Shauna's' bedroom. Instead... We had to stay in the living room on the fold-out couch. Well... I guess this is the only place we can be 'properly' monitored for dishonest activities... Like shopping and putting away the groceries. And the all time covert operation... Doing the laundry.

During our confinement here we have been 'commanded' (the compound thing again) to do maintenance around the place. There are many minor problems, which of course, we have been blamed for. Electrical and plumbing problems and the ever popular yard maintenance. We gladly paid this burden and still... We seem to be the enemy. Why do we think that. Well... The Old Lady has made it perfectly clear that we are to repair, at our expense, everything about the house so She can sell it and give all the money to her 'friends'. Her friends whom She has promised fame and fortune to for following Her for many years. Are you starting to see how the compound thing applies here.

Anyway... We decided, in Her interest, to humor the Old Lady. So... I guess the compound is secure now...

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