Barbecuing again

In the summer we had little choice but to buy a barbecue. It is way too hot in the little house to cook. With the windows closed and the air conditioner blasting the stove, the smell, the additional heat, was way to much burden on comfort. What little we have in a picker shack. Anyway... We awoke one day to find that one of the horses had tipped the barbecue over on it's face and broke the burner control knobs on the front panel.

Repaired knob stuck

So I got some Super-Glue and repaired the knobs. Oops... One got stuck to my finger. And I mean really stuck.

Cant cut it off

I tried pulling it off. And cutting it off.

Oh my lets try nail polish

But about an hour later I was still stuck. I couldn't believe it. Then someone mentioned nail polish remover. Well that did the trick and the barbecue is back online.

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