I'm Actually In Violation Here.

Stallion's pasture

We have a major problem with the fencing that contains the stallion's pasture. And to make matters worse... He knows how to open his gate (we'll address that problem later).

Stallion barely contained

The fence only comes up to the stallion's knee. The irony is that he is bred for Olympic jumping. It's fortunate how much of a gentleman (to use the girlies term) he is. When he can open (break through) the gate he is all over the conquered pastures but he would never think to walk over the fence.

This used to be a nice bull pen

I'm not just making this up. This fence is in real trouble.

Fence posts from Sean

Luckily I had already rounded up new posts from Cousin Sean. Thanks Sean!

Old posts leaning

The old posts, as you can see, had long since rotted away and held together with Binder-Twine (BT).

New posts in place

The old posts and rails were removed easily and the new posts went in easily. This fence was ready, and willing, to be replaced.

What a disaster Anything seemed to do for a repair

Digging, setting, filling and tamping the new posts went well (surprisingly easy since we were told how difficult this would be).

Lots of old rotting stuff to remove

Now there is just the front of the fence to deal with. Geez! There was decades of crap, mostly rotten wood scraps, surrounding the immediate fence area. All of this had to be removed.

South view stallion fence repaired East view stallion fence repaired North view stallion fence repaired

Finally the new fence is in place. The total operation took three people about six hours. And the concrete slabs got cleaned as well. A small effort (slabs) when done regularly.

We're still not up to code on stallion containment but we are quickly approaching a presentable environment.

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