Another failing structure

The hay shed here is in real serious disrepair. This is yet another case where Irene has dropped the ball. There would have been plenty of money to have replaced the siding and resources to replace the rotted plate but Irene seemed to feel that as long as she could keep the horses out, the shed itself was unimportant. It didn't seem to matter either that the hay was getting wet and spoiled in the rain. Again our (Shauna and I) investment is going to ruin.

Not much left of this barn

Anyway the remaining siding (what little is left) is held up with, what else, binder twine.

Never ending binder twine repairs

In fact there was so much binder twine here I was almost able to make a full dump load in the Tippy.

Crates from the garage

There were also these palettes in the garage which were also rotting but still in good enough shape to use as a floor for this years hay. Gee! This was a free resource that was literally junk in the garage that could be put to a good use.

Fresh milled lumber

Thank goodness for the lumber mill and the scrap logs at Uncle Wayne's. I was able to cut siding for about half the barn in a couple of days. For FREE! If I didn't saw these logs now then they wouldn't even have been usable for fire wood. And... I would have bought the mill for the farm and provided the logs and some help to Irene to mill them. Why wouldn't she suggest this opportunity.

South wall resided Original west wall condition South wall slidey door south and west walls resided North wall partially sided

Quite the difference huh! And I'm not nearly done yet however I had to stop to make a major repair to the North-East corner plate which has rotted and broken. If the north side had been resided years ago then the plate problem might not have occurred. I also plan to side the top level of the barn, put in a loft and make some stalls and feeders for the horses. Wow! That would actually make this a usable building. Something Irene would never have agreed to.

Broken plate

So here it lies... The siding can't be completed until the broken plate has been repaired. This is going to take some help. I need to round up the timber, get a team together, develop a contingency plan (stuff happens) and then go for it (lift the barn with jacks and replace the broken plate). Ugh! I'm a lot scared about that.

Hay shed plate acquisition

Stay tuned because I'm not done with this shed yet...

Fortunately... Cousin Sean has a winter logging job which lets him keep the slag, the stuff not suitable to take to a Mill (major firewood hoard). I was able to round up from this cache some Cedar scraps which will be used to repair this shed

The Loafing Shed Need Repair Also -->


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