This Bathroom Looks Like It Belongs To A Cheap Gas-Station.

Well, after almost a month here the bathroom was still a disaster. Because of better then twenty years of farm house the bathroom was still not comfortable to use. Mostly the sink and toilet had mineral buildup on the porcelain. Remember the water on this property is gravity fed spring water (hard water). Anyway... There was green stuff on top of the mineral scale. That can't be good. Shauna had soaked it for a couple of weeks so it was finally beginning to loosen. However we'd had enough. So Shauna went down to the store (stoar in some parts) and bought us some 'lime and scale' remover. Well that did the trick. Since we were prepared... The scale was gone. With very little effort (and a very small amount of chemicals) the sink and toilet are clean. The toilet wasn't to bad however the sink originally had bad valve seats, which had been dripping for who knows how long, on both the hot and cold taps. I had replaced them when we first arrived so at least the constant drip problem was solved...

Toilet's clean Sink's cleaned

There was a final problem however. The shower curtain rod was set unusually high. Because 'All' shower curtains are a standard length now. The shower curtain we purchased was too short and leaked all over the floor whenever anyone used it. We had been dealing with this by using towels but it was a real nuisance so I lowered the shower rod also.

Shauna in the shower

The bathroom is actually not to bad now. Even the fan and heater work. Notice also how small the shower is. I have trouble in there. Ladies... Imagine shaving your legs in that space. Can we say 'Disadvantaged'.

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