We Recovered The Little House Kitchen.

In case you don't remember... I'll refresh...; When we got here this house, if you could call it that (picker shack), was basically used as a tack shed. Mostly because there was no other place on the property that was suitable to store weather sensitive equipment. And... As you should recall I tried to solve that dilemma by fixing the shed. So when we finally moved all the saddles and tack from the kitchen. Behold... It absorbed all the kitchen stuff we brought with us.

Little house kitchen Shauna attempting to cook There's not much room here Shauna trying to be cool

Regrettably we have no 'Before' pictures of the kitchen (camera technical difficulties) but it I assure you is quite functional now. However... There is an electric stove/oven unit in here and for those of you who have never cooked with gas. 'You're Wasting Your Time.. 'You Can't SIMMER On An Electric Stove'.

So... We called up the gas company and started the process for getting a gas service installed. Well... They refused to cooperate until we get a contractor who is going to install the gas appliances on the property. Hmm! I don't have a contractor. I just want a capped off meter for now. So we called the local heating company and had them over for a chat. Very informative for me. I explained my eventual plans for the property and they were able to suggest a solution (high pressure gas line) that solves my current and future needs without further intervention from the gas company (who has been less then cooperative thus far).

Now that we have talked to a contractor (even though we haven't paid for anything) the gas company was willing to talk to us. Unfortunately... It turns out that they can not install a new high pressure line (yes they agreed. and for only $250 Cdn) before we have to leave Canada. Basically they have to get a permit to work on the highway that the property resides on. Darn... Stupid politics get in the way again. Hopefully they can handle this in our absence (I'm not expecting much).

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