An Invitation To A Lovely Supper With Good Friends.

Back deck

It turns out that the younger daughters boyfriends family brought down some Caribou from a hunting vacation up North. Having lived in the center of a metropolitan city my whole life I have never had bush meat before. I was fully expecting a tough sour meat. Boy were we surprised. Not only were the portions large (I've never seen a 3-ft. rib before) but the meat was tasty and tender. If I didn't already know better I would think I was eating beef. In one sense I was almost disappointed. I was really expecting something with an unusual flavor. Maybe something that would take time to get used to. Nope... This stuff was lovely. And with salad and garlic bread and pickled-asparagus and dessert it was an exceptional dinner.

The back yard

I have had the buffalo jerky before and now I can't wait for the deer jerky I have been promised. From the same place the Caribou came from. We'll see if that is not a little more gamey.

Driveway back looking frontwards

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