Pepper... The Pony... Is No Freeloader.

Here's an odd twist... Before we arrived on the farm Irene made a deal with Cheryl (our now good friend) to allow her to keep a pony, in a small, unused, pasture on our property. It turns out that the pony is a most prized attraction. Several of our friends and neighbors bring their children over regularly for pony rides. These are old families. Most have roots in this valley as old as 150 years. Nothing pleases parents and especially grandparents more then seeing their children reliving their heritage.

Shauna, for her part (which is more then meets the eye), has been charging a small fee for this service. Everyone is happy to pay since the children are having so much fun. Most people also bring something to drink, to enjoy, while Shauna is entertaining their kids.

Bottom line... The pony pays for beer, and sometimes dinner. For ten people... With drinks!!! Who'd of ever thought a pony could give the stallion so much competition.

Mouse starting Mouse trying troting Mouse trotting Mouse finishing Mouse done Mouse leading Not sure on this one Everybody wants in on the action Somebody's having fun Farm Panarma Shauna and Dawn in the pasture LeAnn leading Erin LeAnn and Erin in the pasture LeAnn and Erin in the paddock Shauna and Erin almost trotting Shauna and Dawn with Erin riding Erin bored Shauna Sweeter and Shay-Lynn Shay-Lynn's first ride on a horse Shay-Lynn and her family are having a really good time

Added bonus... After the pony rides we let Pepper (the pony) out in the yard and she mows the lawn. Better then the JD tractor.

Can we say asset...

Pony mowes the lawn Pony trims too

Go Pepper... Go Pepper... Go Pepper... Go...

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