The Truck Gets It's Papers

Tippy licensed

Tuesday... Worked all day and and had a teleconference in the afternoon.

Wednesday... Worked all day. Irene went across the border in the afternoon to get the mail. The tippy-tonka title was in the lot. Yeah! The title was all we needed to complete the import process.

Thursday... Worked a short day. Couldn't wait to get to the registrar. Shauna had just gone shopping so Irene and I went. I needed Irene because I didn't know all the address and phone information necessary to complete the forms. While we were there we also wanted to register and insure the two-horse trailer we brought with us from the old country. We began registering and insuring both vehicles. We completed the truck first. I had the license in my hand. Yup, issued on the spot. Registration decals and all. The trailer however was signed over to Shauna and thus required her presence to sign the paperwork. We called her up and she came immediately over. The funny thing here is that the truck was already done and it too was in Shauna's name. After all she bought it but that seemed to go unnoticed. Finally both vehicles were licensed and insured.

Let's recap here... So far the cats have been welcomed into Canada. The truck and the trailer are allowed to stay but they haven't made up their minds about Shauna and I yet. Sigh!

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