The Retro House Is Not Clean Or Functional... Yet.

Retro house

We bought this house for a pittance of what it was worth. We were hoping for a quick renovation and then rent the house for partial income. The house was purchased through Canadian Mortgage Insurance (CMHC). That means that the previous owner had less interest in the house then it's current resale value. Thus 'default' was more attractive.

In this case... It meant that the repair cost plus the mortgage was less than the resale value. No wonder with the decades of poor (cheap) repairs and renovations. This house was really ready for tear down and replace.

We decided however to repair it.

Purchase Condition (Really a Bargain In Spite Of The Neglect).

The Bathroom Is a Total Disaster (And Way To Small).

The Plumbing Is Completely Broken.

The Electrical Not Only Has Numerous Code Violations, It Is Also Unsafe.

The Breezeway Is Old And Cold And Wet And...

Nothing Works In The Kitchen.

The Roof Was Not As Good As It Seemed.

What's Up With The Attic.

The Bedroom Really Isn't To Bad.

The Add-On... Another Bedroom (Maybe).

The Living Room Is Large And Could Be Inviting.

Lastly The Awkward Space. Not Suitable (logistically) For Another Bedroom.

There Are A Few Sheds In The Ruin And That's It For The Retro House.

There's Also The Sawmill That Could Make Money -->


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