There Was A Very Simple Solution To This Problem.

Broken electric fence picture

One day I'm outside having a smoke and there is this loud crackling noise then a big thump out at the corner of the property. The horses had a good run-about then stood at attention staring at the corner where the thump originated. We walked out to the corner of the property to find (we already knew what happened) a fallen, rotten, tree. Our concern was, and fortunately, it did not take down a fence line. The last time this happened (that we can tell) was before Shauna and I took over the property. That time, no one knows when since there is no fence maintenance, it did take out some fence in the stallions pasture. No body knew this, of course, because Irene ignores the fences unless somebody escapes.

Electric fence repair thumb

We also resurrected an old electric fence line bringing the current total fence coverage to about 80%. And, in almost a year now, we have not had a single failure. If Irene had only asked for another idea she would have saved herself years of failure and frustration. She has always been so determined that she can do everything herself, no mater how poor the outcome, that she could never adjust to a contributing partnership.

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