Binder twine fences

One of the big pet peeves I have is that 'all repairs on this property are done with Binder-Twine (BT). This is the stuff that hay bails are tied with. This kind of repair done temporarily ends up becoming permanent. Permanent in the sense that it will only be replaced if it fails. Only to be replaced by more BT. Otherwise it would be temporary. Are you following because I'm not.

Well... One of the first things we did when we took over was to remove 'all' the BT from all the fences. We pulled out all the old nails and reset the fence rails with new nails. Wow! That went so easy we couldn't help but wonder why Irene never did this. She always complained how much effort the farm was but we don't see any evidence of it (either the time or the work). What's up with that?

Binder twine barn thumb Binder twine barn thumb Binder twine fence thumb Binder twine fence thumb Binder twine fence thumb

The hay barn also is held together with this stuff (BT) and the house would be too if it (BT) were watertight. It seems that anything that is not rotting is tied together.

This is a little embarrassing. Don't you think? Even though we have nice looking horses how is anyone going to take us seriously, as a facility, when it is so obvious that nobody cares for or is maintaining the place.

We're not earning any community respect points here. Are we?

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