Moving To Canada

Old cow feeder bins

Packing The Trucks

The Journey Begins

Crossing The Canadian Border

Settling In

Setting Up The Servers

Starting Work

Fixing Up The shed

Inspecting And Registering The Tippy-Tonka.

Harvesting Of The Logs.

Fixing The Shower

The Tippy Gets It's License.

Caribou Dinner.

Pony Pays For Beer.

Cleaning The Bathroom.

The Kitchen Lives.

We're Doing Just Fine.

Where Does My Water Come From ?

Twenty Tons Of Hay.

Outfitting The Tack Shed.

Dinner And The Emerald Mine.

Chopping Winter Firewood.

Fixing The Round Corral.

The Pantry Is A Disaster.

Going To A Local Farm Auction.

Clearing The Rubbish From Around The Garage.

The Pastures Are In Neglect.

We Have To Go Home Now -->


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